What We Offer


We Offer: The development and/or assessment center provide a number of benefits to individuals who graciously agree to volunteer. If you are selected to participate in our development/assessment process, the Personnel Board of Jefferson County will pay expenses associated with the Performance Measurement Division assessment center. Those expenses include:

  1. Hotel accommodations
  2. Flight Arrangements and/or mileage reimbursement
  3. Luggage Reimbursement
  4. Parking Reimbursement (airport parking)
  5. Provide breakfast, lunch and a snack
  6. Per diem to cover dinner expenses ($25 per day)

In addition to covering the above outlined expenses, participation in our assessment centers also provides:

  1. Extensive training on employee selection assessment
  2. Valuable applied experience serving as an assessor for employment selection purposes
  3. The opportunity to meet, work, interact, and network with other professionals in your field from around the country
  4. The opportunity to enjoy the sights and culture of Birmingham