About Us

On behalf of the Personnel Board of Jefferson County (PBJC), the Performance Measurement Divisions recruits highly qualified trained individuals to assist in the preparation of test development and assessment process. The success of our program hinges largely on the participation of experts like you. We rely on the knowledge of and experience in employee selection, fire protection and law enforcement that experts bring to these efforts to ensure that our development processes are job related and valid.

In order for the Performance Measurement Division to accurately and effectively assess the candidates’ performance, the Personnel Board of Jefferson County recruits individuals with education and/or experience in employment testing, fire personnel and law enforcement officers to assist in the final assessment of candidates. Our assessment centers evaluate candidates’ performances on a variety of pre-employment measures, including structured interviews, written exercises, work samples and job simulations.

While the time commitment is extensive, serving as an assessor in our assessment process is a valuable learning and development experience for graduate students, human resource professionals, fire personnel and law enforcement officers who participate. This experience will provide you with opportunities to develop your knowledge of pre-employment testing and your skills used to measure and evaluate important job behaviors.